A quick up date to let potential customers know that we are no longer members of Solihull trading standards Shipshape scheme.

Solihull council in its wisdom has decided to pass on the management of its Shipshape scheme to a 3rd party private company who now charges ridiculous amounts for their services and makes no attempt to be selective on the leads they send us, just the number of leads so they can charge us for each and every one,

When Solihull council did a survey of existing Shipshape members we where dead against this kind of thing happening, the company they have put in charge of the Shipshape scheme is only interest is in making money off contractors like us, the original Shipshape scheme was free, easily accessed and contained decent companies.

The new system requires potential customers to sign up and get hassled by phone calls before they can even use their services, all designed to protect their revenue stream.

So in our opinion the Shipshape scheme as it now exists is overpriced and useless so we shall continue to rely on our long standing reputation and recommendations to acquire new business.