Clay paver’s are the “top end” option when it comes to installing a block paved driveway, they have been in use for many hundreds possibly thousands of years, long before their concrete cousins that dominate the market these days. They can often be found laid around old buildings, canal bridges, churches etc.

Unfortunately manufacturers of clay paver’s in the UK have dwindled down to just a couple in recent years, leaving Blockleys a subsidiary of Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC and Wienerberger as the main manufacturers of clay paver’s in the UK.

Colordrives tends to install mainly the Blockleys range as firstly local suppliers stock them and secondly we have found them to be a fantastic product with excellent tolerances and colour range.

Examples of clay paved driveways laid by Colordrives can be found in our gallery.

Blockleys Clay Pavers

Blockleys Castleyard Chamfered


Blockleys Charcoal Chamfered


Blockleys Hadley Brindle


Blockleys Hadley Red


Blockleys Harvest Buff