We offer a range of standard concrete paver’s manufactured by Brett, these are a high quality budget paver that come in a range of colours.concrete-block-paving-006

The Omega range is a 200 x 100 size block paving covering 9.76m2 per pack at a thickness of 50mm. Brett quality Omega block paving has simple modern lines that blend with every environment and develop a mature character over time. Omega driveway paving is extremely popular partly due to the range of thickness options making it suitable for most domestic and commercial paving projects

Further information about concrete products can be found here.

Concrete products are manufactured from naturally occurring aggregates, cement and binders, all of which are subject to colour and texture variation. Variation may occur between batches of the same stone. Sizes are nominal and may vary. The product images shown are as accurate as photographic processes allow.

Brett Omega 50 – Brindle


Brindle includes red and charcoal grey shades and tends to be the most popular colour for the primary colour of the driveway. They work well with either a buff or charcoal border detail.




Brett Omega 50 – Charcoal

omega-50-charcoalThe charcoal blocks are very consistent in colour with no colour variation, they can be used as the primary colour of a driveway but also work well as a border detail with the brindle pavers.




Brett Omega 50 – Buff

omega-50-buffBuff like the charcoal is very consistent in colour with no colour variation, these tend to be used as border colours as they can look very “bright” laid en masse.




Photos of of jobs done by us using these products can be found in our galley.