As you may or may not know the government has brought in new regulations for the installation of driveways since the 1st of October 2008. To comply with these new guidelines it is highly recommended you seek professional advice.

In summary the new regulations are designed to reduce the volume of water being sent into the storm water system from residential driveways as the guys from DEFRA seem to think this will reduce flooding and pollution.

Suggested solutions are permeable paving or any other permeable surfaces such as gravel. If a non-porous surface is to be used then soakaways and rain gardens are to be used instead of sending water onto the road. As a last resort where there is no choice but to send water onto the public highway than planning permission may be required.

All Colordrives estimators have now had training in these new regulations and can provide you with all the information you need when we visit.

If however you would like to read more information on these new guidelines then try and

The full DEFRA document can also be downloaded in pdf format from