Tobermore Tegula Trio Pavers

The unique tumbled edges of Tobermore Tegula block paving create a time worn appearance, combined with the attractiveness of weathered paving and all the benefits of modern concrete paving, make Tegula the ideal choice for a landscape scheme where aesthetics and style are the primary considerations.

Harmonising with the existing environment and architecture, Tegula block paving is the ideal product for conservation schemes. It is also ideal for domestic applications, pedestrian precincts and landscaped schemes. Tegula block paving provides a surface which is easily trafficked by pedestrians, prams, wheelchairs, vehicles etc. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colours, Tobermore Tegula block paving offers the designer complete flexibility.

Further information about concrete products can be found here.

Concrete products are manufactured from naturally occurring aggregates, cement and binders, all of which are subject to colour and texture variation. Variation may occur between batches of the same stone. Sizes are nominal and may vary. The product images shown are as accurate as photographic processes allow.

Tobermore Tegula Trio – Heather

Heather includes red, charcoal and yellow shades and tends to be the most popular colour for the primary colour of the driveway. They work well with border detailing in charcoal and slate.

Tobermore Tegula Trio Heather

Tobermore Tegula Trio – Bracken

Bracken is a mix of buff, brown and grey shades and is a subtle attractive paver.

Tobermore Tegula Trio – Charcoal

Charcoal is very consistent with no colour variation or shading, they work well as the primary drive colour or as a border detail against other paver’s in the range.

Tobermore Tegula Trio – Slate

Slate is similar to the charcoal paver but varies in colour with light and darker blues, ideal where a charcoal colour is desired but with some colour variation.